The 1040EZ tax form is used often for tax filing purposes
Read the instructions for the details of use.

The 1040EZ is a good form to file if it applies to your needs

For those who would want to use this form read all of the info on the 1040EZ Instructions and understand the details before you go ahead unless you are already familiar with the form.

There are changes from year to year, so it is best to read the current instructions and get the current form to file.

Roger Chartier

This site will have the updated files.

Feel free to download the files to read before you decide to print.

You might want to keep the 1040ez instructions as a reading reference file on the computer and print the 1040EZ to file for taxes.

An Income Tax Return for Single and Joint Filers With No Dependents.

Print the 1040EZ form and read about it from our web page.
Or print the 1040EZ instructions booklet to get you going in the right direction.

The 1040EZ is an easier or simpler form to file but not everyone can use it.

If you have simple tax situation then you might be able to use it if you choose to.

Sometimes taking the longer to file 1040 form, will pay off better as far as a tax return is concerned, so check both ways.

The basic requirements have been an income that is less than $100,000 and interest that $1,500 or less. You can not have any dependents and there are other requirements on the form.

If you don't have any difficulty as a young person on their first job you might want to use the 1040EZ.
You would most likely not have real estate, foreign income or shelters for your taxable income.

Wages, salaries, and tips and taxable interest

This should be shown in box 1 of your Form(s) W-2. Attach your Form(s) W-2. If the total is over $1,500, you cannot use Form 1040EZ. ...and there is a lot more info that you might need on the page describing the 1040EZ form.